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DIY Bubbling Sugar Scrub Easy Recipe

Hello, Everyone! I am coming to you with another easy recipe. I have been into health lately and skin care is up there on the priorities list. Now that I am getting older, I have been noticing that my skin is much drier. I have to use a lot more lotion that before! I decided to try something new and see if it would work for me. I love sugar and salt scrubs, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and make my own. Usually, I buy the ones that are oil-based and that can sometimes leave my  ...

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DIY Baby Booties

Hello, Everyone! I’m excited to show some of the new things I have been making on my sewing machine. I love sewing so much, and every day I see something new on Pinterest or Youtube and get excited about making it. This time around, I saw the cutest baby booties on Youtube. They were perfect for a beginner sewer like me, and also convenient because I needed a gift for my cousin’s baby shower.

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4 Online Side Hustles That Worked For Me

Being an Introvert and a homebody has really motivated me to work from home. I am able to have the freedom and peace of mind I desire while still making an income. Aside from “real work”, there are a few websites that I go to for extra money. I call it my side hustle. It’s not a lot of money, and it’s not quick to make. But, I am able to use it for gas, food, and to pay fro small things here and there. Every blog has their post about websites they use to make money.  ...

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How to Import Blogger to WordPress

So, you want to move to WordPress?! Great idea. WordPress gives you a lot more freedom to express yourself than blogger does. Which is great if you are creative and itching to spice up your site. Before we can move, there are a few steps we must take to ensure you keep all of your hard work. 1. Export your blogger file. To do this you need to go to your blogger profile->settings->other->backup content->save to computer. Be sure to save this in a document folder, and just in case  ...

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