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Homemade cake mix

As you all know baking cakes is not as easy as it seems..but with lots of practice you can do it with your eyes closed..Most professional cake bakers make their own cake mixes…I personally feel its easier to buy the boxed kind and add flavorings and colors..But its your choice!

Here’s what you need::

7-1/2 cups of flour make sure it is sifted
1tbsp of salt
4-1/2 cups of sugar
4tbsp of double acting baking soda
3/4 of cold butter

In a large bowl add all dry ingredients ( flour,salt,sugar,baking soda) mix until combined
cut your butter into small pieces and put into a mixing bowl along with 2 cups of dry ingredients
mix this until it is a fine consistency then add to the rest of the dry mix.

This will make 9-8″ cakes or one 13×9″ cake.

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