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How to make Great Royal Icing!!

Royal icing is a great substance because it hardens fast and it also can make your cake look amazing if applied right. Alot of people use buttercream icing for cakes but either one is fine..You can also use them in combination.
Ex: Royal icing can be a crumb coat and buttercream can be the final coat…whatever you want to use is fine!!

Now lets get started.

What you will need is a mixing bowl

4 cups of powdered sugar
3tbl spoons of meringue powder
5tbl spoons of water

For the ingredients you can buy them at any grocery store at a local craft store..

Sift 4 cups of powdered sugar into the mixing bowl..make sure it is sifted or at least clump free..
Add the meringue powder and turn the mixing bowl set it to low..
Add the water 1 tbl spoon at a time it help thin out the icing so if you want it thick don’t use as much water for thinner icing use more water..
Mix this all on low for 7-10 minutes or until the right consistency!

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