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Directors Board!

I did this directors board cake for a family friend..

Its a white cake and the fondant i made homemade with marshmallows!
So easy to make read how after the jump!

I made a white cake using a simple recipe. You can use any flavor you’d like. I started on the homemade fondant as the cake was cooking. I bought a 16 ounce bag of medium to large marshmallows, 2 lbs of powdered sugar, and shortening.

First cover a clean large table or counter with powdered sugar and lots of it! Have a rolling pin and wax paper on hand. I microwaved the bag of marshmallows adding 3tbs of water to soften it. Do this in 30 second increments, stir in between those times. It is ready when it is liquid. At this point you can add your color in or you can wait until it is time to knead it. Add half the powdered sugar to the mix. Using a spoon coated with the shortening mix it all in until it is like dough. Grease your hands to make sure it doesn’t stick to you. From here add the dough to the table/counter and begin to mix/add your color. If it is too sticky add more powdered sugar if it is too dry add a little water. While it is still soft roll it out with the rolling pin to desired size. Remember to save some for the added decoration.

After the cake is cooled down, trim it and ice it so the fondant will stick.
Once it is iced add the fondant and begin decorating. Any way that you would like.

It took only about 3 hours to make which was great timing.

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