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Chicken and Mozzarella Ravioli

On Thursday, it is usually Italian night at my house. Our go to dish is spaghetti or lasagna. This time i decided to make ravioli. It was a simple process but with lots of clean up. 
All you need is flour, eggs, oil, and water to make the pasta dough. I added leftover chicken from the night before, and my favorite mozzarella cheese. I sealed them with and egg wash and used a fork to crimp them. They boiled in the pot for about 5 minutes maybe more. I used a four cheese sauce for the top and sprinkled it with a little bit of extra cheese. 
I will make this again in the next few weeks. It tasted great and was very easy for me.It was also fun for my son to play with the dough, so i think children would be great helpers for this.

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