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Quick and Easy Asian Inspired Dinner!

Tonight we made our take on our favorite Asian dishes.
We had General Tso’s Chicken with added broccoli, carrots, and rice. The best dish was my chicken chow mein! It was so delicious. Very easy to make using anything you have around the house. Store bought mixes can also be used with a little added touch to make it your own.
Both of these dishes took about 30 minutes in total to cook. We didn’t have a lot of time for dinner so we figured lets see what we have and mix something together.
Thankfully we had cabbage, carrots, broccoli, rice, chicken breast, and chow mein noodles. Oh and bean sprouts too! I knew that we can make many different things with just these few ingredients.
For the Chow Mein, My sister and I quickly got to work cutting up the chicken. We used about 1.5 large breasts per dish. We cut them into cubes for easier and faster cooking. Each portion was seasoned with garlic and onion. Next up were the veggies. I cut a half of a cabbage into shreds and used a bag of shredded carrots that we had left over. I then cut the broccoli into its individual florets, as well as chopping up some of the stem. I began cooking the chicken in a non stick skillet with just a touch of olive oil. Once they were about half way cooked I added in the veggies and seasoned them with soy sauce, onion, and garlic powder. Don’t worry it will not be salty! While that is cooking down, you can begin cooking the noodles in boiling water just like any pasta. It shouldn’t take long for this and you do not want your noodles to be soft. This dish calls for them to be al dente. 
We mixed up a sauce of brown sugar, soy sauce, corn starch, and a spoonful of Thai Kitchens Original Pad Thai Sauce. This sauce added a great element to the flavor that we wanted. (btw this isn’t sponsored!) Once the noodles were ready we added everything together and mixed in the sauce!
The General Tso Chicken was even easier. We cooked the chicken until half way and added in the broccoli and carrots. It was seasoned with garlic, onion, and red pepper flakes. Only use a little red pepper flakes unless you like it extra hot! We cooked it down until vegetables were soft with a little crunch. We used a pack Simply Asia’s General Tso Stir Fry Sauce and we added in the rice. 
You can use a mix of both your own ingredients and store bought. There is no shame in that! It will taste wonderful no matter what. Hopefully you and your family can make these dishes too, and enjoy them just like my family did.
Note: None of these products were sponsored, we just had them in our pantry!

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