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DIY Bubbling Sugar Scrub Easy Recipe

Hello, Everyone! I am coming to you with another easy recipe. I have been into health lately and skin care is up there on the priorities list. Now that I am getting older, I have been noticing that my skin is much drier. I have to use a lot more lotion that before! I decided to try something new and see if it would work for me. I love sugar and salt scrubs, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and make my own. Usually, I buy the ones that are oil-based and that can sometimes leave my  ...

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Good Friday Gardening: The beginning

This year my family and I wanted to start something new. We wanted to start a garden! Our health is so important and by growing our own foods, we are able to give our selves the best. So with the guidance of my Grandmother, we started our garden on Good Friday. We grew a variety of fruits and vegetables, and hopefully you will be inspired to do the same.We went over to Home Depot and talked to an associate about our gardening options. We have a large yard and wanted to make sure we can grow  ...

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