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Thanksgiving platters

For thanksgiving i was asked to make a platter of small deserts.. I did pumpkin cheese cakes..Apple pies with a cinnamon sugar cookie leaf on top..Mini cocoa cupcakes with chocolate frosting..Mini white cupcakes with a mint green vanilla frosting and a dollop of white frosting..Cherry pies also with a sugar cookie leaf..And a lemon cake with lemon frosting topped with black berries… It was a fun project..and it was very good especially the cheese cake lol..I was told that the deserts  ...

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My First BIG Cake!

I made this cake for a friends baby shower.She was having a boy and she wanted to have blue or neutral colors.It took me about 12 hours for it all..I enjoyed making this cake because it let me bring out my creative side… They were chocolate cakes with a chocolate butter cream frosting..I put on a layer of fondant on both of them.. On the top tier we put a babies 1 piece with the newborns name as well as little feet complete with toes..For the border with added polka dots and teddy  ...

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Practice cakes

I did these cakes in wilton cake decorating class..they were practice cakes so bare with me lol.. This was cake #1..I did a white cake with a coating of butter cream..i used a heart stencil for the middle and i used a star tip to pipe the colored butter cream.. Cake #2..I did a yellow cake with white butter cream frosting..i used yellow and blue frosting with a star tip to pipe the borders and the writing..I made the bodies also with a start tip then i applied the clown heads.. Cake  ...

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