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4 Online Side Hustles That Worked For Me

Earn Extra Cash From a Side Hustle

Being an Introvert and a homebody has really motivated me to work from home. I am able to have the freedom and peace of mind I desire while still making an income. Aside from “real work”, there are a few websites that I go to for extra money. I call it my side hustle. It’s not a lot of money, and it’s not quick to make. But, I am able to use it for gas, food, and to pay fro small things here and there.

Every blog has their post about websites they use to make money. Do they really use them? Are they tested and verified as being worth it? Are these websites scams? These are all thoughts that I had. Of course, not every site is going to be useful for everyone. But, it is worth a shot! Right? Here is a list of 4 sites that I have used and generated extra money from.

1. InboxDollars

This is number one on my list for many reasons! I have used them for many years and have had great success. Yes, it’s a survey site and yes you have to put a lot of work in. But, to me, it’s worth it. It is very easy to sign up for and they even give you $5 to start with. Each survey varies in time and payment. The average survey is 20 minutes for $0.50. That quickly adds up over time. You may even get lucky with $2-$5 surveys. I get these quite often. Which keeps me coming back.

There are also other ways to earn money through their site. They have videos you can watch, offers you can complete, emails you can open, and games you can play. Each one paying anywhere from $0.01-$20.00. My favorite thing to complete is the offers. They are hassle free and most of them you already participate in.

To request a payment, you must make $30.00. They will then verify your account and send it by check in the mail. This process can take 1-2 weeks. I have had no problems receiving my payments. From this, I have made over $200.00 in a 3-month span.


2. User Testing

User Testing is another favorite of mine. On this site, you review and test websites. They offer you $10 per test and will send it directly to your PayPal. You are given tasks to complete by certain companies in an easy to use system. This system that I’m referring to is a program that they require you to download. It is a screen recording program that allows the company to view your navigation through their site. The program also has to record your voice, so be sure to have a microphone. It is also beneficial to be in a quiet room so that they can hear you clearly without any distraction.

Before you can start working on this site, you must complete a sample. This sample directs you through the process, teaches you how to use their program, and gives you examples to follow. Once you finish the sample, you will submit it and wait for an email accepting or rejecting you. This took about two days for me. Once I got the email, I logged in and started my first available test.

From the start, they detail what you must do and say. They give you tasks to complete per request of the website owner. Each task has either a time frame that they want you to work on or a question that they want you to answer. There are also written comments that they would like you to make.  Throughout the test, they want you to talk about what you are doing and how they can improve. It can be as simple as letting them know their load times are slow, or their site is difficult to navigate. They want to hear it all. This is easy to do and it can be kind of fun! Especially if you like to talk.

Being vocal about your experience and opinion is beneficial for the site owner. This gives you a better rating’s score when you can clearly describe your tasks and what you think of their website. The rating’s score is so important to your available tests. The higher the score, the more test and money you will receive. It is based on five stars, and each company that you work with will leave a rating on how well they feel you did. On my first test, I got 3.5 stars which is not bad for my first try.

After your first test, they send it out for review to determine what you must work on to improve your score. This is great because it offers you a chance to make some small changes. How much did they pay? $10.00! This is great for 20 minutes. But, the tests aren’t very frequent. So, you can possibly make up to $200.00 a month through User Testing with frequent work.


3. Qmee

Qmee is a site that pays you to search, shop and complete surveys. When you search something through Google, Bing, or your preferred engine, they will generate links to options matching your search. This can be products or related websites. Once you click on them, you can either click and browse or purchase something. Either option can give you a few cents into your account. They pay you directly through PayPal, gift cards, or you can donate to charity.

To work with Qmee you must download their browser plug-in. It allows for their search options to pop up on your screen. I’m usually skeptical of downloading things onto my computer. But, I did my research and felt that it was safe. Use your own discretion on whether or not this is something you are okay with.

I like this site because it is easy to use. I really don’t have to think much about it. Making money through this site is very slow but, it builds up over time. I have heard of many people making about $100 fairly quickly. I am just starting out so, I am not close to that number yet, but I am on my way!


4. Foap

The last site that I love to make extra money with is Foap. It is actually an app that you must download onto your phone. This app gives you the opportunity to sell your photos to companies for profit. With your authorization, they sell these photos for $10.00 and split it with you. So, you guessed it, you earn $5.00. Which is great for just one photo.

How do you increase your odds? Well, it’s all in the tags and keywords that you use. It also is helpful to incorporate your photos into albums. The main way is through photo ratings. Everyone in the community is asked to rate photos. The higher your photo is rated, the more eyes will see it.

This app is very easy to use and gives even the most amateur photography the skills to make some extra money.

All of these sites are great and have helped me earn extra cash. I know, they are not the ideal choices, but they are great if you have extra time on your hands. Hopefully, you are able to go through some of these resources and begin your side hustle journey!

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