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DIY Baby Booties

Perfectly Easy Baby Booties

Hello, Everyone! I’m excited to show some of the new things I have been making on my sewing machine. I love sewing so much, and every day I see something new on Pinterest or Youtube and get excited about making it. This time around, I saw the cutest baby booties on Youtube. They were perfect for a beginner sewer like me, and also convenient because I needed a gift for my cousin’s baby shower.

The video that I came across was from The DIY Mommy and she also had a free pattern. I printed this pattern out and used the 0-3 month size. I went out to Walmart and got some fat quarters in gray and white and elastic. I also used some leftover tie dye fabric, black leather, and gold trim to add to my materials.

All I needed was fabric, scissors, elastic, pins, and my sewing machine! This was perfect for me because I am not an experienced sewer at all. But, I am faking it until I make it.

I used the pattern by placing the cutouts onto scrap fabric and pinning it down. I then cut them out and used the piece that I cut out as a guide for my fabric of choice. These cut outs will be useful for future projects that I make with this pattern.

After completing each section, I made sure to pin them all together so that I could sew them evenly. After I finished sewing, I cut the excess fabric so that the booties would be even once they were turned to the correct side.

Baby Booties

My cousin loved these booties, and I did too. I will continue to work on my execution of them and create other items in the baby world.

What is your favorite sewing project? Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments.

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  1. Dawn


    Love how easy these were. Very cute!

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