Gold Glitter Mini Martinelli’s

Gold Mini Martinellis
Hello, everyone! I wanted to come by and show you the party favor that I made for my niece’s homecoming. I decided on mini Martinelli bottles decorated in  gold glitter to match the theme.
You won’t need many products for this, but you will need a lot of time. I was able to make 37 of them in about 2 hours.This also can get very messy so make sure you line your area with newspapers. Be sure to have a box, plate, or bag for the glitter. If not you will have a bunch of glitter everywhere! (This will happen anyway)
Products you need:
Mini Martinelli bottle (this can be done with any glass bottle or vase)
Large container of glitter (any color you want)
Mod podge or any glue of your choice (I used both mod podge and tacky glue)
Hairspray (to set the glitter it keeps glitter from flaking off)
The Process:
Line your area with newspapers or go to an area that you can easily clean.
I poured half of my glitter into a small soda box so that I can roll my mini bottles inside.
I then put the glue on the glass of the bottle using a sponge brush.
Next, I rolled the bottle in the glitter. I made sure to cover any spots that may have been missed.
I then let them dry for a few hours before I sprayed them with hairspray to set.
The Finished Product:
These came out perfect! Everyone loved them and enjoyed them. We put them in bags with candies for the kids to take home. A few of them drank them before the night was over. Hopefully, you can make these too for a special occasion.

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