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Banberry (Banana + Strawberry) Pudding

Banberry is a flavor in its own category! You get the best of both worlds with bananas and berries. You will usually find this combination in a pie at your local bakery, but I wanted to make it in a different way. My family loves banana pudding and we of course love strawberry short cakes. So why not put them together, kinda? Is it strange at first? Maybe so if you are use to an original flavor. Try something new and give this recipe a try.

This recipe is simple. Banana Pudding with the added bonus of delicious strawberries. Who doesn’t love strawberry and bananas?! Well I know I do! All you need is a few minutes and patience to let it sit in the fridge. All of the ingredients can be purchased at any store and for a low cost.

Banana Pudding mix
Vanilla Wafers
Sugar or any desired sweetener
Strawberry Glaze (optional)

To begin the recipe I sliced all of my berries in half moons. This made sure that they wouldn’t be too big or too small. I then added Nevella which is a sugar free sweetener. At this point you can add any sweetener or glaze if you would like.

Lets get mixing! This step only took 5 minutes.
Combine your pudding with the your milk. For me I used a Jumbo box of Jello pudding mix which called for 4-5 cups of milk. Of course this milk needs to be very cold. Mix for 2 minutes to remove any lumps and get a smooth texture. Let this sit for 5 minutes.

While that was sitting I got out my 13×9 pan and layered the bottom with wafers. I decided to add a few strawberries and bananas as well. Next I poured in my pudding. It was a perfect consistency! I went back in with the fruit, placing them evenly. Now its time for more fruit. Layer them on evenly. Last but not least add more cookies! I crushed them into large chunks and sprinkled them all over. The cookies are the best part right? I then covered it with plastic wrap and let it set for an hour. Once dinner was finished, we were ready to try it.

What’s the verdict…

It came out so good! Everyone loved it. We had enough for the next day and even then it was tough to get another bite. I would make this again, and add the strawberries on top with glaze instead of mixing them in. Maybe even add a little whipped cream.

Hopefully you can try this out and enjoy it with your family too!

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    I love this so much. I made this for my family and they loved it. I saw it on pinterest.

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