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Black and Silver Wedding Cake

This Beautiful cake was for a weekend wedding. We created this using cake dummies, fondant, and a delicious fresh strawberry filled top. Check out how we made this cake with instructions and recipes! 

The bottom tier is actually the cake stand that was made with a 12 inch cake dummy and cake round. You can click here to see instructions on this!
The bottom two tiers are 8 and 10 inch cake dummies, that I was able to cover with fondant. We then wrapped them with black ribbon and bling! The 8 inch was colored in silver to add on to the weddings color scheme. 
The top tier which is the strawberry filled white cake, is 6 inches. I was able to get 3 even layers out of it. Each layer was iced with my buttercream and filled with the fresh strawberries and glaze. I then covered it with fondant. The fondant recipe that I use, is very easy and tastes great. 
Once everything was iced and covered, I used 3 dowels and placed them in each cake. This prevents any movement.
We then placed the cake onto the stand we crafted. It came out really nice! It tasted great too!

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