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Good Friday Gardening: Week 2

Today is Friday, so it is time to check on my garden! It’s still in the beginning stages but it seems to be growing quickly. Over the week I saw a surge of growth with the cucumber and squash. This was surprising to me and my family. They grew overnight! The cilantro, watermelon, and tomatoes are also sprouting nicely. This morning we seen a little sprig of strawberry peeping out, so I’m expecting that to grow up within a few days.

We also purchased a few other plants to add to our garden:

The first is the Pequin Pepper. I don’t usually like spicy peppers but, I am willing to give this a try! After doing some research it says it is 10 times hotter than a jalapeno (ouch!). I think it can still be good in a variety of dishes for my family.

The second plant we picked up was the Yellow Pear Tomato. We already have Roma and Beefsteak tomatoes so far, but this is in the heirloom family. Something new to try and add to new recipes.

The final plant we got today was the Herb Spearmint. Most likely we will be using this for teas, home remedies and our cat will probably enjoy this too.

Hopefully we can set up our green house and get all the gardening supplies we need next week. Considering how fast they are sprouting we will need to get them planted in their own little pots.

I’ll be back on Friday with and update!

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