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Quick and Easy Pearl Cucpcakes

These cute cupcakes were made for our Easter Dessert! I wanted to spend time with my family and not be bogged down with hours in the kitchen. But, I still wanted to make a great tasting dessert! My cupcakes took no time to make and I even used a boxed mix. Of course I added my special touches to give them the professional taste.
For the cupcakes, I used a simple yellow cake mix that I had in my pantry from Pillsbury. You can of course make them using any recipe that your family enjoys. I followed the instructions exactly but I added flour and vanilla to give them a professional taste and consistency. No one will ever know they weren’t homemade, unless you tell them.

For my frosting I used a store bought vanilla frosting and used a butter knife to apply it to the cupcakes. I was going for a rustic feel, nothing too put together. I then added some candy pearls from Wilton which was a great decoration for this Easter Holiday. I also made some plain ones for the boys in the family. They were a hit, and everyone went back for seconds and thirds!

Cupcakes or any dessert for that matter does not have to take you hours in the kitchen. All you need are simple ingredients, a few tools, and some time. I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Sunday!

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