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Masquerade Themed Treats!

Hello Everyone!

I was asked to cater and event for a High school! Their theme was a masquerade ball, so I took these wonderful colors and centered all of the desired treats around them.

The students at this particular school had many allergies, the biggest one being gluten, so I had to be careful not to sacrifice the flavor even though ingredients would be removed and changed.

I made a variety of treats that would be easy to eat and could be taken home by the students if needed.

Here is a list of what I made!

Gluten Free Green Velvet Cupcakes- These were topped with a purple vanilla buttercream and a lime green chocolate pearl.

                       Chocolate Covered Pretzels- Pretzel rods were dipped in colored candy melts. These were not gluten free but were still enjoyed by the guests who did not have the allergy.

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies- These were basic sugar cookies that were made with a bit of extra sugar on top!

Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels- For these I used the Glutino Brand pretzels. I then dipped them in the candy melts!

Gluten Free Brownie Rounds- These were Triple Chocolate Gluten Free Brownies. They were cut using a biscuit cutter to make them easier to eat! Cutting them this way allowed for more of them to be available.

The students loved all of the desserts and could not tell they were gluten free! I also enjoyed testing these delicious treats out. After making them I would consider eating them more. I felt that the brownies came out better than any other basic brownie i’ve ever made! Hopefully I can get more familiar with experimenting with allergy free foods!

Check out some more photos by clicking read more!

Gluten Free Green Velvet Cupcakes

Dipped Pretzel Sticks
Gluten Free Cookies, Pretzels, and Brownies

Mega Stuffed Oreos

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