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My First BIG Cake!

I made this cake for a friends baby shower.
She was having a boy and she wanted to have blue or neutral colors.
It took me about 12 hours for it all..
I enjoyed making this cake because it let me bring out my creative side…

They were chocolate cakes with a chocolate butter cream frosting..I put on a layer of fondant on both of them..

On the top tier we put a babies 1 piece with the newborns name as well as little feet complete with toes..For the border with added polka dots and teddy bears with diapers..We also added the childs name in the polka dots..

For the second tier we did a Teddy bears face with polka dots surrounding it..For the border we did baby blocks with ABC on them..

Everything was done with fondant for the cakes…

The cupcakes were white cake with a vanilla frosting and diaper pins and rattles were added for the occasion..

If you would like to ask any questions about cake or have any comments you can post one here or email me at…


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