Gold Glitter Mini Martinelli’s

Hello, everyone! I wanted to come by and show you the party favor that I made for my niece’s homecoming. I decided on mini Martinelli¬†bottles decorated in ¬†gold glitter to match the theme. You won’t need many products for this, but you will need a lot of time. I was able to make 37 of them in about 2 hours.This also can get very messy so make sure you line your area with newspapers. Be sure to have a box, plate, or bag for the glitter. If not you will have a bunch of glitter  ...

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Banberry (Banana + Strawberry) Pudding

Banberry is a flavor in its own category! You get the best of both worlds with bananas and berries. You will usually find this combination in a pie at your local bakery, but I wanted to make it in a different way. My family loves banana pudding and we of course love strawberry short cakes. So why not put them together, kinda? Is it strange at first? Maybe so if you are use to an original flavor. Try something new and give this recipe a try. This recipe is simple. Banana Pudding with the  ...

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Ask Monae

Hello Everyone! Head on over to my second blog. It is very different from what I share here. At AskMonae I give advice, share experiences, and give my opinion on a variety of topics. I am open to any questions and would love to hear your commentary as well! See You There..

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Black and Silver Wedding Cake

This Beautiful cake was for a weekend wedding. We created this using cake dummies, fondant, and a delicious fresh strawberry filled top. Check out how we made this cake with instructions and recipes!  The bottom tier is actually the cake stand that was made with a 12 inch cake dummy and cake round. You can click here to see instructions on this! The bottom two tiers are 8 and 10 inch cake dummies, that I was able to cover with fondant. We then wrapped them with black ribbon and bling!  ...

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