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Simple Black and Silver Cake Stand

This cake stand was made for a wedding cake. We wanted it to look as if there were another tier at the bottom. It was so easy to do, and the it looked great! You can make this too for your next project. What you will need 1 12 inch cake dummy 1 mega roll of ribbon 1 12 inch round cake board 1 bling on a roll 1 hot glue gun 1 ruler (optional) This list of products was very easy to find. You can substitute anything with another product! We began by hot gluing the black cake board to the cake  ...

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Good Friday Gardening: Week 3

Its Friday! Which means its time for an update! We had a rough gardening week, this was due to bad weather. Unfortunately the weather is still pretty bad. So we had to make some new living arrangements for our plants. They have been living on my kitchen counter. Thankfully we have a big kitchen so they don’t get in the way. We got some new planters and organic soil from Home Depot. They suggested some plant food which was organic also. We replanted our plants into their new planters,  ...

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Garden, Gardening

Good Friday Gardening: Week 2

Today is Friday, so it is time to check on my garden! It’s still in the beginning stages but it seems to be growing quickly. Over the week I saw a surge of growth with the cucumber and squash. This was surprising to me and my family. They grew overnight! The cilantro, watermelon, and tomatoes are also sprouting nicely. This morning we seen a little sprig of strawberry peeping out, so I’m expecting that to grow up within a few days. We also purchased a few other plants to add to  ...

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Quick and Easy Pearl Cucpcakes

These cute cupcakes were made for our Easter Dessert! I wanted to spend time with my family and not be bogged down with hours in the kitchen. But, I still wanted to make a great tasting dessert! My cupcakes took no time to make and I even used a boxed mix. Of course I added my special touches to give them the professional taste.For the cupcakes, I used a simple yellow cake mix that I had in my pantry from Pillsbury. You can of course make them using any recipe that your family enjoys. I  ...

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