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Banberry (Banana + Strawberry) Pudding

Banberry is a flavor in its own category! You get the best of both worlds with bananas and berries. You will usually find this combination in a pie at your local bakery, but I wanted to make it in a different way. My family loves banana pudding and we of course love strawberry short cakes. So why not put them together, kinda? Is it strange at first? Maybe so if you are use to an original flavor. Try something new and give this recipe a try. This recipe is simple. Banana Pudding with the  ...

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Simple Black and Silver Cake Stand

This cake stand was made for a wedding cake. We wanted it to look as if there were another tier at the bottom. It was so easy to do, and the it looked great! You can make this too for your next project. What you will need 1 12 inch cake dummy 1 mega roll of ribbon 1 12 inch round cake board 1 bling on a roll 1 hot glue gun 1 ruler (optional) This list of products was very easy to find. You can substitute anything with another product! We began by hot gluing the black cake board to the cake  ...

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